Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Panzerschrek Draw and Predictions.

So overnight Jeff released Round 1's pairing for this weekends Event "Panzerschrek" NZ first swedish comp fantasy event, I have moved away from my normal WoC and Skaven to playing my up and coming Empire army. I've been painting furiously having this week finished my War Altar (almost) and BSB, pictures below.

For anyone who hasn't seen my list I'm taking the following (below), the choices were pretty simple I fielded what I owned and gave up on trying to tweak the list to 13 pointer and instead ended up with a very strong 10 point list.

Arch Lector on War Alter - Armour of Meteoric Iron, Talisman of Preservation, Great Weapon
Battle Wizard Lord, Level 4 (Lore of Light), Earthing Rod, Ruby Ring.
Captain of the Empire, BSB, Enchanted Shield, Opal Amulet, Iron Curse Icon, Great Weapon, Full Plate
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Metal

39x Halberdiers, Full Command with 8 Archer detachment
39x Halberdiers, Full Command
10x Archers

4x Demigryphs FC, Banner of Eternal Flame
4x Demigryphs FC

2x Greater Cannon
1x Hellblaster Volley Gun

Swedish Comp Score - 10

Round 1 Predictions:

Table 1: Neil Williamson vs. Adam Richards
Table 2: Stuart Robinson vs. Regan Ridge
Table 3: Pete Dunn vs. Ryan Lister
Table 4: Caleb Rouse vs. Charlie Lloyd
Table 5: Fern Campbell vs. Joel Van Deven Long
Table 6: Sam Whitt vs. Peter Williamson
Table 7: Mike King vs. Nick Munn
Table 8: Sam Campbell vs. Hamish Gordon

Table 1: Adam Richards - I think Adam's artillery will be far to effective for Neil's WoC to handle, I'd be surprised if Valkia lives past T1, I predict a big win for Adam.

Table 2: Regan Ridge - Stuart will struggle to get into combat with 2 cannons and 2 Helblasters raining down on Stuarts WoC, I predict a big win for Regard.

Table 3: Pete Dunn - absolute filth, 5 levels of Tzeentch magic means Pete with throw 4+ dice a turn at Gate Way and the Fire template spell, If the Blood Knights live to T3 I'd be a little shocked, if magic doesn’t work Pete always has 6 Beasts to fall back on and a Lord of Change... Again another big win here.

Table 4: Caleb Rouse - While Charlie’s theme is amazing Witch elves don't do well vs 1+ armour saves especially across 4 fast hard hitting units. While Charlie's Crone will Slaughter Knights in droves I predict the other units of Skullcrushers and Knights will carve through Charlie’s army with relative ease... and the MoN will make it that much harder for the Elves to hit even with re-rolls... 14+ win here to Caleb's WoC

Table 5: Joel Van Deven Long - While I'd love Fern to win I think Joel’s experience will prevail and he will probably out play Fern a little, in Fern's defence she's learning quickly but is still a little green tournament wise. I would love Fern to pull out a little win and be well ahead of Sam after rd 1 but i suspect Joel will win 13+ here...

Table 6: Sam Whitt - Toughness 3 vs light council and duel catapults... enough said... midsize win for Sam, I'm sure Pete will do a good job of points preservation 12-14 in Sam's favour..

Table 7: Mike King - This is the hardest pick for me but I think Mike's skink cloud's will pick off all the rares and Mr Vermin Lord leaving poor Nick chasing points and getting frustrated with DBLE FLEES! Small to midsize win to Mike unless Mr Abomb gets some big rolls early and ends up in combat t1. Whoever gets T1 will be extremely relevant!

Table 8: Hamish Gordon - 15+ win to me, Sam and I have played this out already with me winning 20-0 but things did go wrong horribly for Sam on several occasions however my list is a touch filthier! :)

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