Thursday, 25 July 2013

So Panzerschrek is now in the books and a slightly disappointing 7th place.... on the bright side I was 3rd equal on battle points losing 4 slots to painting. Overall the weekend was great and Jeff ran a well organised fun event so big ups to him for organising things!

So on to Day 1

Rd1 - Battleline. Sam Campbell, DoC 10-10
So my nemesis, club mate and friend Sam... I was pretty confident I'd get a 15+ win here unfortunately it ended up being 10-10. Overall a good game but a terrible table with tons of buildings and large terrain for Sam to hide points behind... This game was highlighted by me being unable to finish off 2 of Sam's largest units which where greatly depleted. A units of Plague Bearers and Daemons of Slaanesh were locked in combat with my Demigryphs. A few poor rolls, a couple lucky wards and 2 very lucky leadership tests for Sam saw me leaving his Nurgle BSB, 3 Plague Bearers and 2 DoS totalling around 750-800 points. No an ideal start but it could have been worse!

Rd2 - Mike King, Lizardmen. 20-0
This game started and ended for Mike on T1, before I'd even moved or cast Mike used 3 dice to cast a defensive bubble of course miscast and put his Slann down the hole. This then broke his army as the Slann was his BSB and General. By T3 or 4 I had tabled Mike and took 2650 points for the lose of just 190 points. Demigryphs were MVP!
I felt bad for Mike given the circumstances, had his Slann gone down 3-4 turns later it wouldn’t have been so bad but turn 1 is rough. L

Rd 3 - Peter Williamson, High Elves, 2-18.. To be honest I was looking at a big win here as Pete's army was far weaker than my own... but it was not to be.

So after seeing Mike lose to unfortunate circumstances it was my turn to endure a similar fate. Peter's army started 300 points up on me given the comp system and was basically a flying circus list with griffin lord, dragon mage and snow phoenix. I got the same Table as game 1 vs Sam with tons of redicculous terrain everywhere…. So tons of places to hide big monsters…
T1 Peter moved up slowly and then cast a 2D6 Fireball on one of my cannons which I let through, he cracked the Mages pendant adding +1 to wound for this spell, the result was exactly 3 wounds. The subsequent panic tests (Ld9 with re-rolls) saw my Lvl4, 40 halberdiers and another support unit turn and flee off the board... This effectively put me behind by 1000+ points before I'd even moved. Things then proceeded to go from real bad to worse... I throw 6 dice at Searing Doom (casting with IrrForce) then rolling Dble 1's for hits then failing to wound (ward and 1), I then proceeded to wound my wizard and lose the remaining dice in the pool. Shooting... my cannon hit his general and Griffin, 5+ ward saved the general and I failed to wound the Griffin... Halblaster 3 artillery dice.. 2 misfires and 2 turns without being able to shoot. In the end I took off over 800 points of Pete's army, at one stage I should have killed the Dragon and Phoenix but of course I didn’t and my remaining unit of Halberdiers were ground down over 5 rounds of combat.... leaving each on 1 or 2 wounds of course. A totally horrible game but Peter did nothing wrong, he diverted my Demi's as much as possible while the Dice and Warhammer gods kicked my while I was down! lol.

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